Africa Week Festival

Yeovue News Distributors

The first bit of news this week is that the Festival Committee will be working from the Yeoville Swimming Pool offices, corner Raleigh St and Kenmere Rd in Yeoville. This is thanks to the Directorate of Sports and Recreation in the Joburg’s Department of Community Development.

As a result, the Festival organisers will be able to reach out to the whole community, giving everyone a chance to get involved.

The office in the swimming pool building will be officially open from 8am - 5pm every day from Monday to Friday. It will also be open on Satirday mornings from 8am - 1pm. Anyone who wants to get involved in the Festival in any way can come to the office and register their name.

  1. The Festival Committee invites interest from people who would like to:
  2. Perform on one of the stages - this includes musicians, singers, dancers, poets, story-tellers, theatre groups, puppeteers, drummers, DJs etc
  3. Set up a stall selling African goods - art, craft, clothing, music, books, food etc
  4. Set up tables and chairs in the street and on the pavement outside their restaurants etc
  5. Set up a stall selling African food, traditional African coffee etc
  6. Engage in any kind of activity related to African culture, African unity, ubuntu, xenophobia, tolerance, social cohesion etc
  7. Have a stall promoting an NGO or a community organisation
  8. Sponsor a stage or some other part of the Festival and thereby promote their own business
  9. Advertise in the Yeovue News which is one of the official media partners of the Festival (The Star is another official media partner) Volunteer to work with the Festival Committee by helping with organising, security, delivering of notices, helping in the office etc etc
Please note that the Festival Committee will register the details of all interested people. But this does not mean that all people will be accepted.
Please note too that only people with proper identity documents will be able to work with the Festival Committee. This means people with:
The Committee will also need proper contact details for all those who come and register their names.