Yeovue News Anniversary Comments

Great job. It encourages everyone who pays attention to what's going on in our area. Keep it up. Clement Muteb

Well done.will contribute to the paper once I get a steady cash flow from my Rockey St property. George Zachariou
Keep up the good work. I’ll spread the word to those with jangling pockets. Dianne Regisford-Guèye
Keep it rolling, bro. Jeremy Burnham
Lesley and I have made a financial contribution to the anniversary issue. Adrian Puren
Good luck. Toine Eggenhuizen
Yeovue News should carry on because it gives local info in a non-party political, but progressive way; because we are committed to making this a great place to live, play and work, and a publication helps with networking; because there are many localto address (safe play places for kids and youth, domestic violence, child abuse, policing and crime, energy efficiency and sustainable development, unemployment, xenophobia; because many of us have been banging on doors which have been firmly closed for a long time even though we have shared your commitment to this area - now there appears to be a shift in spirit, in political will and a new determination to sort long standing issues. Carry on the good work! Monique and David
This letter is to appreciate the good work done by Yeovue News. It is very informative and serves the excellent work of educating the public. Let me also encourage all members of the public to inform others to also read Yeovue News. To all of us who have a copy of Yeovue News, after reading it, please do not throw it away. Give it to another person to read. An informed community makes a good community. Keep up the good work. You have my support. Pastor Humphrey Mogashoa
Yeoville Baptist Tabernacle (YBT) congratulates you for successfully completing a year. You inform and educate the community well on matters that each community member needs to know. The church wishes you many years of success and appeals to the community to support you. The good part is: Yeovue News is part of official Sunday News of our church. Prof Rev Humphrey Mogashoa (YBT Pastor)
I have made a donation. Are you able to tell how many people read the paper? Busi Luphondwana
Congratulations! It is particularly valuable because it provides useful information to the community. Alex Amerio, ILO
Well done for getting this launched and sending it out every week. Keep it up. Muff Andersson
The work you are doing is an example to other communities. Andrea Larnyoh
Thanks for the newsletter. I find it very helpful to know what is going on - and a lot is going on!! Thanks for all the hard work over the last year. You have achieved a tremendous amount and I see many improvements. Meryl Federl
A tribute to the team of Yeovue News, who work so very hard, so creatively andsuch passion, to keepresidents of Yeovue connected and informed. We encourage everyone, who may have a few pennies to share, to support this special project.Newsit possible for us to say - we are proud residents of Yeoville Bellevue! Nicky and Jennifer Rebelo
I have made a small donation towards your costs. I hope that you get many more positive responses! Keep up the good work! Margaret Fish
Nous souhaitons bon anniversaire a yeovue news et plein de succes dans les jours a venir. Bienvenu Ingila
Yeovue News has, for the past year, enabled people to air their views. Business, put money where your mouths are, help Yeovue News continue to enlighten and promote frank progressive engagement among residents. Matlhodi Mathole
It has brought light and hope to the community. It has become the voice of the voiceless. We say halala to Yeovue News. Lindelani Singo

I always read it. I think it's valuable. Fanie de Villiers
Making peace with the environment is a major contribution towards building a nation. Yeovue News helps shape the way in which we understand one another in this community. We have a long way to go towards understanding that we all have rights to walk freely in the streets where Joe Slovo was raised, where Sonya Bunting and Brian Bunting lived, where Ronnie Kasrils grew up, where we now live. Freedom to live without fear is as fundamental as freedom of speech. Jessie Duarte
Congratulations to Yeovue News team for providing a much-needed resource to members of the Yeoville Bellevue community and for ensuring ongoing communication. Shaun O’Shea, CoJ
Absolutely fantastic means of keeping community informed about local issues. John Spiropoulos
Yeovue News is now surely an integral part of the Bellevue East & Yeoville area & it is one year old now, serving its readers with quality information. Congratulations. Let's continue to support the people behind it. Maxwell Dube
I always look for each new issue as it comes out and I read it front to back. The back page contacts section hangs in my kitchen for reference and I have kept many back issues as an archive about my neighbourhood. I think Yeovue News is one of the most important contributors to giving this neighbourhood a sense of identity and cohesion. Thank you. Tara Polzer
I want to thank the community of Bellevue & Yeoville for making this paper their no 1. Special thanx to those who put adverts coz they keep it going. Happy anniversary. Joseph Setloboko
Happy anniversary ukhule n grow to pages n pages of enjoyable reading. Sue Mabale, Ekhaya
Viva Yeovue News, viva. Yeovue News gives light, information & knowledge to all who live in Yeoville Bellevue. It doesn't select where u come from, it treats people together as one from all African countries. Now we understand what is going on within us every day. I thank the readers, editorial, advertising, distributors & writers. It was fantastic & phenomenal to have Yeovue News. Phambili, Yeovue News. I wish you many more years. Neo Setloboko
The spirit of change sweeping through Yeoville Bellevue has to be taken to the next level. We must build a Solidarity Economy that places the needs of people and the environment at the centre of  development. The future of Yeoville Bellevue lies with the struggles and efforts of all in the community. Yeovue News is an integral part of this. Vishwas Satgar, Executive Director, Cooperative & Policy Alternative Centre
It has been an eye opener. Congrats on da progress. Priscilla Raphela
What kind of a community do u want to live in? Love your community as u love yourself. Keep it clean, help others who can't help themselves - this is what I learn by reading Yeovue News. Sindi Mabaso
What you are doing is absolutely great and essential. Best wishes and keep up the good work. Neil Fraser
Halala, Yeovue News, the heart beat of our community. Through you, we know how to access services. We understand more about crime, environment, health, even how to bring stakeholders together to lobby for a better deal for our community. You open minds and keep the vibe going. There is much that must be said about you. Keep growing, keep us informed and talking. Halala!! Marc Gbaffou
Happy birthday. I wish you many more. I go through the paper each Thursday - it’s a great read. Keep on keeping on. Rethabiseng Thamae
Doing a great job. A true voice of the voiceless masses. Happy first anniversary. Lebo Mashego
It has been a great pleasure reading Yeovue News each week, so I was sad when it didn’t come out last week. I look forward to the special issue. Happy birthday. Naledi Lebea
Thanks to Yeovue News, our community can at last have conversations with itself about all the important things - keep it up. Karl von Holdt

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