Yeoville Stakeholders Forum

In the mid to late 1990s, the Yeoville Community Development Forum worked for the betterment of the Yeoville Bellevue community. However, it stopped functioning in late 1999, leaving a void that would only get filled some five years later with the formation of the Yeoville Stakeholders Forum. In 2002, the Johannesburg Development Agency (JDA) was asked by the then head of the Economic Development Unit in the City of Joburg to come up with a business plan for the development of the high street in Yeoville Bellevue. While doing this, the JDA consulted with various individuals and organisations in the community. However, there was no overall structure to which they could relate.

In 2004, in response to the JDA’s call for a representative structure and with the help of community members and the ward councillor for the area, the Yeoville Stakeholders Forum (YSF) was established. The YSF has subsequently played an important role in influencing the spatial and socio-economic infrastructural development that the JDA has undertaken in Yeoville Bellevue. This includes contributing to the plans for the upgrading of the Yeoville Park, the erection of new lights and the laying down of new paving, and the building of a new library. The YSF also proposed the upgrading of the Yeoville Recreation Centre, a project currently being planned by the JDA. The Yeoville Stakeholders Forum is a coming together into one structure of different organisations in the Yeoville Bellevue area. These include community-based organisations (CBOs), non-governmental organisations (NGO's) and institutions operating in the area such as faith-based institutions and schools. The YSF currently has 18 full member organisations and 10 associate members. Together these represent a membership of well over 3 000 people. Full members include: ANC Joe Slovo Branch (Ward 67); Congo Heart of Africa; Disabled Musicians Association; Grace Community Centre; Ivorian Community; Kopanong; Mother Johnson International; Siyophila; St Aidan’s Anglican Church; St Francis Catholic Church; St John’s College; Trinity Congregational Church; Yeoville Boys School; Yeoville Community Policing Forum; Yeoville Community School; Yeoville Environmental Organisation; Yeoville Market Micro-Retailers Committee; and the Yeoville Muslim Community. Associate members are: Christians for Peace for Africa; Curriculum Development Project; People Opposing Women Abuse; Self Help Christian Refugee Association; SA National Council for Alcoholism and Drug Abuse; Ward 67 Ward Committee; Yeoville Baptist Tabernacle Youth Dept.; Yeoville Baptist Tabernacle Church; and Yeoville United Artists. Ex-officio are the Ward 67 Councillor, the Ward 67 Community Development Worker, the JDA manager for the area, the Yeoville SAPS, and the Yeoville Bellevue Community Development Initiative coordinator.

The YSF also has its own community projects. These include various communication initiatives, such as helping to start a community newspaper, dealing with hot spot areas like the sports field in Bedford Rd, proposals to rename certain streets in the area, and driving a litter-free Yeoville campaign. So much to do and so little done. So if your organization hasn’t already joined the YSF, we are extending a hand, inviting you to join and to participate in your own development.

Contact the membership coordinator, Joseph Setloboko, on 0787265811 for details on how to become a member.